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The service provider

For all services indicated on this site, the service provider is AV MULTITOURS Travel Bureau. AV MULTITOURS is a Hungarian travel company, based in Budapest, in Hungary. As an incoming travel bureau, its speciality is to organise travels to Budapest and whole Hungary, from all parts of the World. This company operates having all legal licences and registrations from Hungarian authorities.

Operation licence number of AV MULTITOURS: R-1763/1998

The company can be reached on the following data:

Bureau:       H-1108 Budapest, Mélytó u. 6. IV/18. Hungary

Tel.:           +3612610040
Fax:            +3612617996
Mobil 24h:   +36309480575


Skype ID:    avmultitoursbudapest
Site web:

How to request a service / Validity and the modification of the request

You can reserve all the services published in this site only in a written form, sent to one of these above data. The requests passed by phone have to be validated in a written form max. in 24 hours. All requests will be valid only after received the written reconfirmation of AV MULTITOURS. We accept the modification, as well as the cancellation of the request in a written form.

The request's elements

One request must contain the following elements:

  • The name(s) of the client(s) or the name of the group
  • The nationality of the client(s)
  • The total number of the clients
  • The number of rooms, with requested type of rooms ( singles, double/twins, triples )
  • The detailed description of requested services
  • The exact stay ( arrival and departure days )
  • Other special requests of the clients
Reconfirmation / Option of the request

AV MULTITOURS has to reconfirm in a written form, all requests, all modifications and the cancellation of the requests. In its reconfirmation AV MULTITOURS will repeat all details of the ordered service, the prices and will give the option deadline for the final order. After the option deadline has expired, AV MULTITOURS has the right to cancel the preliminary reserved service and does not accept reclamations from the client. Of course, in case of interest of the client, there is a possibility for the option deadline prolongation.

Number of clients / Rooming-list

In case of groups, the final number of the clients must be given 40 days before group's arrival, the final rooming-list 30 days before group's arrival. In default of these informations AV MULTITOURS has the right to sell the reserved, but not confirmed rooms.

The order of the meal

In case if you want to reserve meal, you must give the following informations:

  • the name of the client(s) or the group's name
  • the nationality
  • the number of the clients
  • the date and the time of the meal
  • and other special desires relating to the meal

In the reconfirmation AV MULTITOURS will reconfirm all these elements, with the prices and the menu.

Check-in / Check-out the room(s)

The room(s) will be at the disposal of the client(s) or of the group, as follows:

  • On the arrival day from 14h00 p.m.
  • On the departure day upto 12h00 (in case of groups only upto 10h00)

On the arrival day you have to check-in the room(s) upto 18h00. In case of a later arrival you must inform us in advance.


On the basis of the informations, preliminary agreed between the contracting parties, the order party has to provide his group or his customer(s) of a voucher. The voucher authorises the customer(s) to take the reserved service, upon arrival you must show it to the service provider.


If the client(s) or the group(s) make(s) direct reservations from abroad to AV MULTITOURS Travel Bureau, without having the services of any other local travel bureau in their(s) country(ies), in this case it will be AV MULTITOURS who sends the vouchers via e-mail or fax to the clients, only after, when all requested services have been paid by the client(s) or the group(s).


The voucher, made in English, has to contain all elements of the booking, i.e.:

  • Reservation number or reference number of the order party (in case if there is a local  travel company)
  • Reservation number or reference number of AV MULTITOURS (if it is a direct reservation from the client(s) without other travel company)
  • Client's name ( clients' name ) or group's name
  • Client's ( clients' ) number or group's number
  • Number of the room(s) and the rooming-list
  • Description of the preliminary reserved service
  • Arrival and departure days, total number of nights

The following text must be indicated at the bottom of the voucher:
„Reservation & Payment by AV MULTITOURS Travel Bureau, Budapest”

Procedures in extraordinary cases

In extraordinary and not foreseen cases, AV MULTITOURS reserves the right - with the guarantee to keep the price already confirmed - to substitute a service beforehand confirmed by another one of the same category. In such a case AV MULTITOURS is obliged to inform immediately the order of the service about the fact of this change.

Vis maior

If before or during the fulfillment of the contractual obligations, such circumstances intervene for any of the parties (disasters, earthquake, volcan eruption, floods, revolt, civil war, etc.) which make impossible the accomplishment of the service or can endanger the client(s) or the group(s), this party must immediately inform his contractual partner. In such a case, no penalty fees will be charged or only the fees of those services will be charged which were taken by the client(s) or the group upto the moment when the stalling circumstance eventuates.


All prices given by AV MULTITOURS are NET prices, contain NO COMMISSION, but contain the local taxes.
In case of every different packages the included services in the prices will be specified separately.

The prices NEVER contain the personal expenses, such as:

  • the minibar consumption in the room
  • the expenses of the telephone calls
  • the tips paid to service providers
  • the expenses of the porterage, etc.

The prices NEVER contain the return transport fees between the country of departure and Hungary.

All these expenses are EXTRA and the clients are obliged to pay them directly to the service providers, before the departure.

Gratuity / Reductions
  • Reductions on group's number:

    In case of tourist groups, we can give one gratuity on every 20 paying persons, valid for all ordered services and deducted from fees in double rooms; in case of incentives & seminars one gratuity is accorded free of charge on every 50 paying rooms.
  • Reductions Child / Children:

    - 0-2 years: free of charge in the room of parents
    - 3-11 years: 50% reduction in the room of parents
    - from 12 years: we apply normal adult fares
  • Reductions on meal prices: 

    We count children menu upto 12 years, with a reduction of 50% on adults' meal price. From 12 years the whole meal price is invoiced.
Advance payments

Both in case of groups and individual travellers, the whole value of the reserved services must be paid in advance, before the arrival day, as indicated on the invoice as payment deadline.

The requests of invididual travellers will be verified request by request, and the parties can agree in special, unique conditons, depending on the request in question.


In case if an order will be cancelled and we must apply penalty fees, AV MULTITOURS has the right to deduct the penalty fees from the amount, received as advance payment. If there is an overpayment after this deduction, AV MULTITOURS is obliged to retransfer the remaining sum to the client's bank account.

In case if an order will be cancelled and there are no penalty fees, AV MULTITOURS is obliged to retransfer whole advance payment to the client's bank account.

Billing / Payments / Bank data

In the basic of all written and confirmed points between the parties, AV MULTITOURS will make the invoice, and will send the original by registered post and by e-mail to the client, and the copy will be sent by fax, too. The amount indicated on the invoice must be transferred unto AV MULTITOURS international bank account latest on its payment deadline day.

The method of the payment is SWIFT BANK TRANSFER. 

The transfer fees must be covered by the client.

Here are all bank data of AV MULTITOURS ( please thoughtfully control all data, upon filling in the international transfer form ):





H-1103 Budapest, Kőrösi Csoma Sétány 6.

Tel.: +3614843206







H-1108 Budapest, Mélytó u. 6. IV/18.

Tel.: +3612610040

Contact: Mr Varga Antal


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