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» XXI. Csángó Festival in Jászberény 

From 08/10/2011 to 08/14/2011


» Flower Carnival in Debrecen 

From 08/17/2011 to 08/21/2011

A myriad of flowers, a wonderful festive atmosphere, and star performers to boot: all this is offered on the bill of fare at the Flower Festival in Debrecen, which has recently come to mean not just a single day of fun but a week-long fiesta in the spirit of music, dance, and flowers...

» Bridge Festival in Hortobágy 

From 08/19/2011 to 08/21/2011

Great annual festival of the famous Hortobágy Puszta.

» XIII. International Goulash Festival in Szolnok 

From 09/09/2011 to 09/11/2011

International Goulash cooking and Tradition saving Festival

Gulyás ( or called by the foreign tourists  goulash ) It is a very special Hungarian food, it is a hungaricum. Everywhere in the world, if you tell the word: gulyás people add another word: Hungarian. We are very proud of it. Hungary is a small country but has two Capital. The official is Budapest and Szolnok is the Capital of gulyás.

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