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» Hollókő Easter Festival in Hollókő 

From 04/23/2011 to 04/25/2011

The village of Hollókő, lurking in Northern Mountains is a small settlement in Hungary, famous for its special old construction style houses.  In 1987, UNESCO admitted on its cultural protection list the old-village part of Hollókő and its natural environment.

Take part at the traditional Easter Festivities, to know the local Easter traditions, folklore dresses, local folk songs and folklore dance performances.

» Hegyalja Festival 2011 in Tokaj-Rakamaz 

From 07/13/2011 to 07/17/2011

Hegyalja Festival is the greatest musical festival of Eastern part of Hungary, organized in 2011 already for the 12th time.

» The Festival of Zemplém in Sárospatak 

From 08/12/2011 to 08/20/2011

The Festival of Zemplém is the biggest cultural, tourist and gastronomic summer festival of Northern Hungary Region, organized in several places of the picturesque Zemplén region, amoung them: Hollóháza, Komlóska, Sárospatak, Sátoraljaújhely, Szerencs, Tokaj, Tolcsva

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