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» Open-air Festival in Szeged 

From 07/01/2011 to 08/21/2011

One of the first summer theatres launched in Hungary was the Szeged Open-Air Festival that has been organized for eighty years now.

» V. Shakespeare Festival in Gyula 

From 07/07/2011 to 07/16/2011


» Magyarok Országos Gyűlése - Great National Meeting of All Hungarians in Kunszentmiklós-Bösztörpuszta 

From 08/12/2011 to 08/15/2011

Each year, in the month of August, a mega event is organised at the Hungarian Puszta ( at Bösztörpuszta, near Kunszentmiklós ), the Great National Meeting of All Hungarians, for which the organizers are awaiting all Magyar people from all parts of the World and also those, who are interested by this unique world of Hungarian traditions and culture. Come and enjoy yourself this unbelievable event and the wonderful local fair, programmes and musical events.
Check the following wonderful video of Mr Zsolt Szamosvári, presenting the living tradition of Hungarians:

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