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» Mangalica Festival in Pest 

From 02/04/2011 to 02/06/2011

This year Mangalica Gatronomic Festival and Fair will be organized for the 4th time at Vajdahunyad Castle. During this festival you can know the excellent Hungarian products made from pig type mangalica, you can taste on place the foods prepared from mangalica pig, while different orchestras will play. The organizers will provide programmes for children, and an exhibition of living animals will be held, too.

» Anniversary of the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-49 in Pest 

From 03/15/2011 to 03/15/2011

March 15 is a National Public Holiday in Hungary, one of the most famous memorial days of Hungary, the day of Anniversary of the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-49, against the massive oppression of Austrian rule.

» Budapest Spring Festival in Pest 

From 03/18/2011 to 04/03/2011

BUDAPEST SPRING FESTIVAL is the biggest cultural festival of Budapest, held every year in the second part of March.

» VIII. Budapest Summer Festival in Pest 

From 06/05/2011 to 08/31/2011

All art festival realized on 4 unique open air places, with many extraordinary programmes.

» XVI. Budapest Danube Carnival in Pest 

From 06/10/2011 to 06/19/2011

The Danube Carnival is a colourful multicultural festival which includes a chain of international dance and music programs. The carnival atmosphere will be enhanced by the various forms of artistic expression involved including folk dance and music, contemporary dance, world music, symphonic and brass music. In addition to the Hungarian traditional and professional dance groups, the carnival will incorporate many European performers from outside Hungary as well as guest ensembles from overseas. The traditions of the Visegrad Countries are also in the highlights.

» SZIGET Festival 2010 in Óbuda 

From 08/10/2011 to 08/15/2011

SZIGET Festival is one of the greatest musical festival in whole Europe, held every year in Budapest, on its part of Óbudai island.

» St Stephen Day - Celebration of the foundator of the Hungarian State in Pest 

From 08/20/2011 to 08/20/2011

The traditional national holiday of the end of the summer, which looks back to several hundred years (originally as the "feast of the new bread"). August 20th is Saint Stephen's Day, when the Basilica bearing the name of this the first Hungarian King pays homage to the patriarch. A water show, a water concert and other large-scale events ( Holy right round tour for ex. ) can be seen in the city, and the highlight of this National Holiday is the Fireworks at the evening with countless rockets launched from various locations in the heart of the city.

» XIV. Jewish Summer Festival in Pest 

From 08/28/2011 to 09/04/2011

The Jewish Summer Festival is the most important jewish cultural festival both of Budapest and of Hungary.

» XX. Budapest International Wine and Champagne Festival in Buda 

From 09/07/2011 to 09/11/2011

During these 5 days everything is dedicated to celebrate to grape harvest and the wine. In this special theme the organizers present:

  • wine exhibition and fair
  • wine academy
  • harvest parade
  • gala concert
  • charity wine auction
  • exhibition of the Wine Festival in the Hungarian National Gallery
» Nemzeti Vágta - National Sprint in Pest 

From 09/14/2011 to 09/18/2011

The National Sprint is an equestrian competition based on Hungarian tradition, realized in a historic atmosphere, on the Heroes' Square.

» Memorial Day of Hungarian Revolution of 1956 in Pest 

From 10/23/2011 to 10/23/2011

National Memorial Day of Hungarian Revolution of 1956.


From 12/29/2011 to 01/02/2012


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